Rural Building Decarbonization Readiness and Resiliency: Vulnerabilities, Solutions, Barriers and Successes

This session will bring together varied perspectives on the experiences of rural Californians in their quest to decarbonize and build resiliency for their communities. Panelists will present how they’re working to overcome challenges, highlight innovative projects, identify barriers that exclude participation in funding opportunities and programs, and make recommendations on how to alleviate obstacles to provide greater opportunities to impact their communities.

Many rural communities are faced with extreme weather and their remote nature amplifies the needs for resiliency and their lack of resources, especially in light of goals to rapidly decarbonize building stock and address transportation needs. This panel will highlight programs and projects that will help deliver an equitable and clean energy future for rural Californians.


  • Pam Close Bold, High Sierra Energy Foundation, Executive Director
  • Lou Jacobson, Willdan, Director
  • Stephen Kullmann, Redwood Coast Energy Authority, Director for Demand Side Management
  • Meredith Anderson, Sierra Business Council, Climate and Energy Project Manager
  • Amaury Berteaud, Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, Sustainability Program Manager