The Intersection of Food Access and EE: LA’s Neighborhood Market Revitalization Program

This session will bring together the perspectives of different stakeholders that have made LA County’s Healthy Stores Refrigeration Program (HSRP) possible. Participants will gain valuable insights on leveraging different funding sources, finding intersections between local issues, and engaging the community to deliver larger behavioral benefits for businesses and residents—all through a single program.

HSRP is a Los Angeles County initiative to support corner stores and small businesses across Los Angeles County by fully funding new energy-efficient refrigerators to stock with healthy food. The program aims to address the challenge of food deserts, help small businesses save money, reduce GHG emissions, promote healthy food options in low-income communities, and provide education, outreach, and support to small businesses. Within the first phase of this program’s implementation, over 80 stores in LA County’s food deserts have received their fridges and begun to see the positive impacts in their communities.

  • Natalie Espinoza (She/Her)(Moderator), The Energy Coalition, Education and Engagement Program Manager
  • Lujuana Medina, SoCalREN, Environmental Initiatives Manager