“Coping with Crises” Series

This page shares considerations for Local Governments managing concurrent crises

June 2021: Transitioning to Tomorrow’s Buildings

This paper looks ahead to the future to try to understand what decisions local governments are grappling with as they consider what to do with both publicly and privately-owned buildings in the context of crisis recovery as well as stronger local, State, and federal commitments to climate change and equity. This report highlights how California’s buildings were affected by the COVID crisis and explores why 2021 is a chance for local governments to implement innovative and sustainable building solutions across sectors to meet current and future needs.

March 2021: Maintaining Sustainability Staff Report

Local government decision-makers are grappling with extreme budgetary impacts and difficult spending decisions in the wake of a year of unprecedented crises. This online brief, produced by the Local Government Commission through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC) – the predecessor to the California Climate & Energy Collaborative (CCEC), offers insights into how local governments that maintain sustainability staff can more effectively improve financial conditions and build long-term economic, social, and environmental resilience.